Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Dr. Carrie Gress

Dr. Carrie Gress speaks to us about her book, The Marian Option, and her upcoming book on the Anti-Marian spirit in the world.  She describes for us how Mary is especially a model for women today and is a solution for the challenges we face in the culture today. 

Carrie Gress has a doctorate in philosophy from the Catholic University of America. She is the editor at Helena Daily, a faculty member at Pontifex University and a member of the International Marian Association.

Dr. Gress is a regular blogger at The National Catholic Register, has written for numerous publications, and is a regular guest on EWTN.

Dr. Gress has lived and worked professionally in Washington, D.C. and Rome, Italy and her work has been translated into nine languages.

A homeschooling mother of four, Dr. Gress and her family live in Virginia.